Things You Need to Know About Traveling to Your Country After Asylum

If you are thinking about returning to your country after you received asylum in the United States, consider the following questions and answers:

1) What can happen if I visit my country with asylum?

If you travel to your country after you get asylum, your basis for asylum may be questioned again. If you did not get your green card yet, your asylum can be possibly terminated if the country conditions changed. Additionally, you may not be able to return to the US if you accrued unlawful presence prior to the grant of asylum. You should consult with an experienced asylum lawyer before planning any travel while in asylum status.

2) Can I travel to my country after I get my green card based on asylum?

If you travel after green card, the truthfulness of your asylum story may be questioned, and your asylum application may be deemed frivolous. You may be questioned about this at the time of your return or when you apply for citizenship.

3) If I traveled to my country after I got asylum, how can I explain it?

If you travel to your country, you may still be able to provide a sufficient explanation and not lose your asylum or be accused of fraud. The factors considered are as follows:

o What was the reason for travel?
o How long did you stay?
o How many times you traveled?
o Did you have to renew your passport?
o What was the basis for your asylum? Political? Religious?

4) Can I renew my passport if I have asylum in the US?

If you renew your country’s passport, you may be also questioned why you voluntarily contacted your country’s government and why did you need to renew your passport. Any time your interact with the government of your country after asylum, you risk losing your asylum and possibly green card. If you have asylum, the United States government can give you a refugee travel document which substitutes your country’s passport, so you do not have to renew your passport or use your passport to travel abroad. When you travel abroad with your country’s passport, you are voluntarily subjecting yourself to the authority of your government, because the countries you will visit will treat you as a citizen and subject of your country, not as an asylee protected by the United States.

5) Can my spouse or children travel to my country with asylum status?

If your spouse or children received asylum based on your case, they probably can travel back to your country, unless your also claimed in your case that your family members were also threatened or harmed or under risk. If they do not have their green cards yet, they can also run into issue with returning to the United States if they accrued unlawful presence before getting asylum. You and your family members should consult with an experienced immigration lawyer before traveling abroad.

6) Can I travel to my country after I become a US citizen?

Yes, from legal standpoint. But if you still have risks of being harmed in your country, be careful and consider risks.

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