New Appointment System at US Embassy in Baku

The U.S. Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan, has announced that it will implement new, improved visa application and appointment scheduling procedures as of December 27, 2012. As part of this change, applicants will pay the application fee before scheduling an appointment for a visa interview.

Currently, visa interviews at the U.S. Embassy in Baku are by appointment only, and visa applicants pay the visa application fee at the U.S. Embassy at the time of interview. After Thursday, December 27, visa applicants will pay the visa application fee at the time they schedule their interview. More details of these new procedures will be released in the coming weeks.

The first day applicants may use the new system to schedule an appointment is Thursday, December 27, 2012, with interview appointments starting Thursday, January 3, 2013.

The Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy will close regular visa services from Thursday, December 27, 2012, to Thursday, January 3, 2013. Limited visa services for emergency travel will be available. You can send requests via e-mail to [email protected].

The visa processing fee for most types of nonimmigrant visas is $160 and the visa processing fee for most nonimmigrant petition based visas is $190. For detailed information regarding all types of visa application fees, please visit Fees for Visa Services.

The Consular Section issues nonimmigrant visas to those applicants who plan to go to the United States for a temporary stay and who meet all other requirements under U.S. immigration law.

While the Consular Section is able to accept applications from individuals who are in Azerbaijan temporarily, applicants who do not reside in Azerbaijan have the best chance for visa issuance if they apply in their home country.

If you do not speak English, Azerbaijani, or Russian, please be aware that language difficulties may make it impossible to demonstrate your qualifications for a visa at the U.S. Embassy in Baku. Applicants may not bring a translator, and this includes family members.

Visa fees are payable in U.S. dollars or the equivalent in Azerbaijani manats at the Consular cashier window on the day of your appointment. Fees are non-refundable, even if the application is denied.

The U.S. Embassy in Baku will also implement new improved visa application and appointment scheduling procedures in 2013 for applicants not residing in Azerbaijan. This new appointment system will replace all previous systems for scheduling visa appointments at the U.S. Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan, and will apply to all visa applicants – residents and non-residents alike.

In preparation for this change, the U.S. Embassy is no longer accepting any e-mail requests from applicants not residing in Azerbaijan for visa appointments in January 2013. More details of the new procedures will be released in the coming weeks.

The U.S. Embassies in Ankara, Turkey, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates, are staffed as Non-Immigrant Visa interviewing posts for Iranian applicants with Farsi-speaking Consular Officers who are familiar with conditions within Iran. Please be aware that applying at another embassy other than the two listed above may make it difficult to demonstrate one’s qualifications for a visa. The U.S. Embassy in Baku encourages all citizens of Iran to apply at those two locations.

For more information, please visit the U.S. Embassy in Baku website.

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