Asylum Interview: What Matters Most?

When it comes to your Asylum interview with an Asylum officer or your Asylum hearing before an immigration judge, it is crucial to understand the specific aspects they are keen on evaluating. While both officials are involved in the Asylum process, their roles differ slightly. Asylum officers operate within a set of predetermined rules and criteria, whereas immigration judges have more flexibility. As an experienced immigration lawyer, Ismail Shahtakhtinski has encountered various scenarios during immigration court hearings where judges have expressed their inclination to grant Asylum right from the start.

At times, an immigration judge may express familiarity with the case by stating, “I’ve read everything about this case and reviewed the documents. I’m inclined to grant Asylum.” Following this, the judge may inquire with the government attorney, also known as the prosecutor, whether they would like to cross-examine witnesses or pose questions. The government attorney often agrees with the judge’s initial opinion and may only ask a few questions to test the applicant’s credibility or seek clarification. This streamlined process occurs because the judge has thoroughly reviewed the evidence and expects the government attorney to understand the case comprehensively.

To maximize your chances of success, it is essential to submit a complete and robust Asylum application, providing extensive evidence not only concerning your personal experiences but also pertinent country conditions reports. These reports play a critical role in supporting your Asylum claim. Ismail Shahtakhtinski has a track record of handling cases in which immigration judges and government attorneys grant Asylum solely based on compelling country conditions reports. 

In one particular case, despite the government attorney expressing doubts about the client’s credibility due to their self-presentation during the Asylum interview, the attorney ultimately conceded that the client deserved Asylum based on the country conditions reports and information from reputable international organizations and the State Department.

This demonstrates the unpredictability of what captures the attention of judges, Asylum officers, and government attorneys in the immigration court. Therefore, compiling and submitting as much evidence as possible is crucial to support your case effectively. Remember to underestimate the significance of country conditions reports and expert opinions. They can influence your Asylum case, potentially leading to a positive outcome.

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At I.S. Law Firm, we understand the complexities of the Asylum process and are committed to providing comprehensive guidance and support throughout your journey. Our experienced immigration attorneys are well-versed in the intricacies of Asylum law and will ensure that your application is meticulously prepared, including compelling evidence such as country conditions reports, witness statements, medical records, and relevant documents. With our expertise, we aim to increase your chances of success in obtaining the protection you seek.

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