block-home-page-1Having the perfect immigration attorney take on your case can mean the difference between having a good or bad outcome. Here at I.S. Law Firm, we are here to help you. Most Virginia immigration lawyer professionals work very hard for their clients and honestly have your best interest in mind. They might, however, be earning a good amount of money by handling and winning your immigration case. Many lawyers love to help people even though they could be making better money by handling types of cases in other areas of law.

If you end up choosing the wrong immigration lawyer, you could not only end up losing your case but also be overcharged. Some lawyers might ruin the case in ways you may not be able to recover from. The right immigration lawyer from I.S. Law Firm will make a difference no matter which area of immigration law you are needing help with. Below are some tips for finding a lawyer.

Avoid an Immigration Attorney Who Tries to Obtain Your Business While at an Immigration Office

Unfortunately, there are lots of immigration attorneys who are constantly on the search for clients at the immigration offices. Many of these attorneys work with more clients than they should at a time to make more money. Soliciting business at an immigration office is an unethical way to get business and is looked down on from the legal bar. In reality, good immigration lawyers should be too busy working hard to help their current clients to be out soliciting new ones this way.

Be Sure You are Dealing with a Real Virginia Immigration Lawyer

If you want your case taken care of properly, you need to make sure you are working with a real lawyer and not someone who is just a preparer of petitions, notarios or green card consultants. Only a practicing and licensed immigration attorney should be used and trusted when you are going through an immigration case. While many of these professionals mean well and want to help you with your immigration matters, they usually don’t know how to properly handle the complex rules and laws regarding immigration. In a worst-case scenario, these non-lawyers may take your money and end up not helping you with your case at all.

Do Your Due Diligence When Researching Lawyers

Before hiring any immigration lawyer, you should do your best to find out about them. You can check online to see if they are listed with any bar associations or check to see what past and current clients have to say about them. If you are interested in a lawyer and see online that they have been disbarred or have lots of bad reviews, you will be able to save yourself some time.

Additionally, when you meet with an attorney and they try to get you to do something that may be unethical or even illegal, you should steer away at all costs. Even though you have hired them and are supposed to trust them, you may still find yourself getting into trouble if you do something illegal to try and help your case. You could end up getting a bad mark on your record and not be able to get back into the country in the future and have your visa or green card revoked.

Compare More Than One Immigration Attorney

You should never just settle on the first immigration lawyer that you speak with. It is in your best interest to compare a few lawyers before making your decision. Even though the best lawyers will usually be very busy, they should make time for an initial meeting with you in order for you to get a feeling of the attorney’s demeanor, commitment to their clients and an impression of whether they are honest in their law practice. Taking the time to feel out a few different attorneys will help you determine the best lawyer to help you win your case.

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