Approval and denial rates for judges are based on a special system

In a previous post, I told you how to find out the name of your immigration judge and what his/her approval and denial rates are.
Many people think these numbers make a huge difference. And if your judge has a denial rate of 95%, you have no chance of winning your case. But that’s not true.

Approval and denial rates for judges are based on a special system. In a nutshell, immigration judges usually only take specific cases. This means that one judge, for example, can only take cases of refugees who have crossed the border illegally.

Of course, such immigrants will most often have weak cases. Many will come without a lawyer. So the judge will be more likely to deny such cases, hence the 95% denial rate.

But there is an important detail. If you have a good case, it is even more profitable for you to go to that judge. Because you will look different in a good way.

I’ve had a lot of cases like that. Our clients would come to court, and the judge, tired of the endless denials, would just freeze in admiration when we began to tell the client’s story. He listened with his mouth open. Naturally, he approved of the asylum.

So I advise you not to take these numbers so seriously. It is better to consult with your lawyer and make decisions only together with him, not under the influence of emotions.