I keep getting the same bills from medical facilities and they are now threatening to go to collections. My case is still ongoing and settlement has not yet been reached, so what do I do?

There are a few options that you have in this situation. The first option you have is to check if you have MedPay or PIP coverage in your insurance policy. This coverage will pay for the treatment of injuries sustained by the driver or passengers of the policy holder’s car as well as other damages caused by an auto accident. Although this coverage is optional and varies from driver to driver, those with this type of coverage will be able to cover at least a portion of medical bills. The second option you have is to request that the medical facility that is billing you puts your account on hold to at least buy sometime before your case settles. If you have an attorney, they have the ability to send a letter of protection to the medical facility which is an agreement signed by the attorney to cover all medical bills related to your accident upon settlement of your case. Not all medical facilities accept letters of protection. Your last option to avoid your bills going into collection is to pay the outstanding balances out of your own pocket. This guarantees your bills will not go to collection and if you have an attorney representing you, you are likely to be reimbursed once your case has settled.