1) How do I go about changing my status from Au Pair J-1 to F-1?

You must apply to USCIS by completing necessary forms and providing required documentation. The applicant must demonstrate that she is intended to study in the US, she has no immigrant intent, she will not violate her status or work without authorization, she intends to return to her home country after completion of her studies, and that she has sufficient financial means or support to pay for her tuition and living expenses. The process may also require additional change of status to B-2 visitor and one or two consecutive extensions to bridge the gap between the J-1 status and F-1 status.

2) Should I enroll in college classes now?

Yes, you should find a suitable program and get enrolled now. As an Au Pair you are authorized, and actually required, to study in the US. After you enroll, you can also apply for the change of status. The USCIS processing of change of status takes significant time. Therefore, it is recommended to start sooner than later.

3) Does your law firm help with necessary paperwork to secure the F-1 visa status?

Of course. That’s what we do. We prepare all forms and documents. We file the package with the USCIS and communicate with the government of your behalf. We receive notices and notify you of the important updates. In other words, we hold your hand and walk through the entire process, from start to finish. You can contact us by calling 703-527-1779 or email [email protected].

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