I am an F-1 student with pending adjustment of status based on my marriage with US citizen. Can I work during my adjustment of status process even though I haven’t received my EAD?

Answer: As I understand, you are currently on F-1 status. During F-1 status, you are not allowed to work in the US. You can begin lawfully working after you receive your work permit based on your adjustment of status process. Any unauthorized work makes you lose your F-1 status, which can make you deportable. However, it would not make you ineligible for adjustment of status.

Typically, any unlawful employment would interfere and make you ineligible for adjustment of status. However, since your adjustment process is based on your marriage with US citizen, any work without authorization or prior status violations would be  waived, i.e. forgiven. In other words, even though you are not legally allowed to work before you received your green-card or work permit, as long as you proceed with the marriage-based adjustment of status, accepting a job offer would not cause a denial of your adjustment of status case.