Car Accident$300,000 Compensation in a Car Accident Case

I.S. Law Firm, PLLC secured $300,000, through litigation, for its client in Virginia, who suffered bodily injuries in a car accident caused by a drunk driver.  This client came to our firm after unsuccessful representation by another law firm, which had secured only $29,000 offer from the insurance company, and shortly before the statute of limitations ran out. As soon as we took the case, we filed a lawsuit on behalf of our client against the drunk driver and his employer who allowed their employee to drink at a corporate event and drive the corporate vehicle home causing this car accident. We demanded compensatory damages for past and future medical bills, lost wages, past and future pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, as well as punitive damages.  Through rigorous pretrial motions and litigation strategy of our attorneys, we closed every possible way out for the insurance company, forcing them to release the full policy limit to our client and settle the claim before trial.

One of the challenges in this car accident case was that the drunk driver was tested for blood alcohol level hours after the accident, which ended up showing the blood alcohol concentration just below the statutory threshold of 0.15 percent of more by weight by volume. See Virginia Code § 8.01-44.5. Punitive damages for persons injured by intoxicated drivers. But that did not stop us from claiming punitive damages in the case, because we knew that the alcohol test done hours after the car accident would certainly result in a lower alcohol level result. We hired a Toxicology Expert, who prepared an excellent report explaining that because of the time passage between the time of the accident and the blood alcohol level test, the drunk driver’s alcohol level progressively receded and, considering the subsequent test result of 0.13, his alcohol level at the time of the accident most certainly must have been way higher than the statutory level of 0.15 for punitive damages claim.

Following our successful arguments, preliminary testimony of the expert, and meticulous representation, the insurance company agreed to our demands, and we successfully secured a settlement of $300,000 for our client. Again, this considering that the final offer received by his prior counsel was only $29,000.

If you or your loved one has been involved in a traffic accident with a drunk driver, please contact us immediately. We offer FREE CONSULTATION with no obligation for every personal injury client. It is extremely important to secure evidence, question witnesses, and take upon the insurance company as soon as possible after a car accident. Do not communicate with the insurance company on your own. They will use every possible trick and tactic to construe your statements against your interests and not pay you the compensation you deserve. Do not accept a quick check until you talk to us, you may be missing out on a huge compensation.

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