My husband and I were recommended to use Ismail Shahtakhtinski from a family member. (We needed somone who spoke both English and Turkish.) We were highly impressed with Ismail’s work ethic, his quick response time on emails, plus his skills and knowledge as a lawyer. We also were quite pleased with his assistant Gina Seymour. She was very personable, organized and very quick to relay information to us and Ismail.

A little about our immigration situation- my husband had been a student when we met, and after we got married, we needed to update his status with USCIS and apply for a green card. The paperwork for all of this is very extensive. Ismail and his team really did a great job getting us organized for this process. When we had our 1st interview USCIS however, we did not feel it went so great- the immigration officer confused us, did not appear to know what he was doing and my husband and I were very worried. We were right to worry, we got called in for a 2nd interview, with the same officer. This time we had Ismail with us, we felt more confident, prepared and it went much smoother and was not confusing. Ismail had our back. We got our updated status online from USCIS, the next day, and saw our application was approved! We received his green card in the mail about a week and a half later.