If I applied for asylum and my case was pending. At that time, I married a US citizen and applied for a Green-card based on marriage, and the asylum application was withdrawn. When I am already the green-card holder, can I go to the country from which I previously applied for asylum?

Answer: Depends. If you return to your country, from which you previously applied for asylum, you may be asked – how? Was your asylum application then frivolous? Or did the country conditions change? What changed? By virtue of applying for asylum, you stated to the US government that you were unable or unwilling to return to your country due to reasonable fear of harm. If you now return, the questions will be – what changed? Filing and withdrawing asylum application by itself raises a question of possible misrepresentation. But when you withdraw and then return to the same country, where you previously claimed that you would be harmed, you are almost certain to trigger these questions down the road; for example, when you apply for renewal of your green-card or citizenship.