Asylum Statistics

On July 26, 2012, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Asylum Division has released asylum statistics by applicants’ countries, gender, asylum offices, types, etc.

In fiscal year 2011, top ten nationalities for asylum applications filed with USCIS were: 1) China, 2) Mexico, 3) Guatemala, 4) Nepal, 5) Egypt, 6) Haiti, 7) Ethiopia, 8) Russia, 9) El Salvador, and 10) Venezuela. In the first three quarters of fiscal year 2012, China and Mexico remained the top two nationalities for new asylum applications filed, but Egypt moved up to take the third spot, followed by Guatemala, Nepal, Ethiopia, El Salvador, Haiti, Ecuador, and Russia.

In fiscal year 2008 through June 2012, New York, NY has consistently been the busiest asylum office in the U.S., with Los Angeles asylum office as close second. In April 2012, the New York asylum office handled 26% of all asylum applications, followed by Los Angeles, CA (24%), Newark, NJ (12%), Miami, FL (10%), San Francisco, CA (9%), Arlington, VA (8%), Chicago, IL (6%), and Houston, TX (4%). In fiscal year 2007, however, Miami asylum office was the busiest, followed by Los Angeles and New York.

In May 2012, Arlington, VA asylum office had the highest approval rating at approximately 67%, with 154 cases out of 229 approved; followed by San Francisco asylum office (60%), Miami (47%), Chicago and Los Angeles (approximately 39% each), Houston (22%), Newark (20%), and New York asylum office (16%, with only 112 cases approved out of 693 completed).

In June 2012, San Francisco asylum office had the highest approval rating, approximately 57%, followed by Arlington (50%), Miami (49%), Los Angeles (40%), Chicago (29%), Newark (26%), New York (18%), and Houston (14%).

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